Frequently Asked Questions

General Hunting Questions

How Do I Get To Great Texas Hunts?

GTH is an easy one hour drive south of San Antonio, Texas (where most folks fly into).

We do not provide a “physical address” for hunters. Why? For some reason, GPS units cannot find us! I know. Strange. But we are very easy to find and only 4 miles from nearby Dilley, Texas.

Upon confirmation of your hunt, you will receive specific directions. For now, here is how you’ll get 99% to our front gate.

From the San Antonio airport, take Loop 410 West and stay on Loop 410 as it takes you “around” the west side of San Antonio for approximately 20 miles. Look for the IH-35 (Laredo) exit and take it. Take I-35 South towards Laredo and stay on I-35 until you get to the Exit 85 (aka: Batesville, FM 117). Take this exit. From here, you are less than 5 minutes from our front gate! Specific driving directions will be provided when we confirm your hunt.


What does “As low as….” mean on GTH pricing for 2017 Deer hunts?

We have done everything possible to offer our hunters an outstanding price for our 2017 deer hunts. We base these heavily discounted prices on GTH receiving payments on time from our hunters. We’re able to offer these low prices with the following payment options (select one):

Payment in full upon booking the hunt and reserving the dates

Receipt of a 50% deposit with the balance due in 60 days

Receipt of a minimum 20% deposit, followed by 4 monthly payments of at least 20%.

If GTH does not receive payments as agreed, the discount will not apply. So if you want to take advantage of these deep discounts, set a reminder to send your money on time. Thanks.

What is the address for GPS so I can put it in my GPS?

We do NOT have a physical address that will work in ANY GPS unit. Seriously.

We are located less than 4 miles from the town of Dilley, Texas and we are very easy to find.

If you have an iPhone or other kind of Smart Phone, we can send you a “Pin Drop Locator” that will get you right to our front gate. Once you book your hunt, we can send you this locator.

If you do not have an iPhone or Smart Phone, you will receive specific and easy to follow directions to the ranch with your hunting agreement once we confirm your hunt dates.


What are the dates for deer hunting and exotic hunting?

*Hunting for exotics and wild hogs is legal year ‘round in Texas.

Because we are a designated MLD Ranch (by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department), we are allowed to hunt whitetail deer from early October-February 28.

Contact us if you’d like to reserve your hunt dates with us.


Do I need a license?

Yes. You will need to purchase a license prior to arrival. They are available for purchase in nearly every sporting goods store in Texas or through the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. You may purchase the license over the telephone with a Visa, Discover or MasterCard by calling 1-800-895-4248.

Hunting licenses are not available for purchase at Great Texas Hunts.

Texas Resident $23.00
Non-Resident General Whitetail Deer $315.00 (Annual)
Non-Resident Youth Hunting License $7
Non-Resident Exotic $48 (non-native species)
Non-Resident Spring Turkey $130
A signed liability release form is required upon arrival at GTH.

Are the hunts guided?

Most of our whitetail hunts are semi-guided. This means a professional guide will transport you to and from the hunting area and deer blind and you will hunt by yourself (or with another hunter, if you desire).

Many of our blinds are large enough for 3 hunters. You and you alone decide on what animals you want to shoot. We encourage all hunters to use “finger discipline” while hunting with us. Hunters are responsible for pulling the trigger (even if they make a mistake).

How much does it cost to bring a non-hunter?

On our afternoon Meat Hunts, a Hunter may bring one non-hunter for an additional $75.


Whitetail Specific Questions

What if I shoot a nubbin’ (button) buck or a spike?

GTH has a healthy population of whitetail does and LOTS of fawns (LOTS of them). If a Hunter shoots any  buck (nubbin’ buck aka: button buck or spike), there is a minimum charge of $1,250 for that animal.

NOTE: We do NOT want the $1,250! This amount has been set to encourage all hunters to take 100% responsibility for their actions. Please understand that “our future” is dependent on following our management plan. And we do not shoot fawns or spikes. Period. Even our small bucks that some may consider as “cull bucks” come with a $1,250 charge.

So, if you have any doubt whatsoever when pulling the trigger, do NOT do it unless you’re willing to accept the responsibility for your actions.

What size of whitetail buck can I expect?

Our ranch is teeming with mature bucks and lots of bucks of all different age classes and B&C score. These are 100% native, south Texas brush country monster bucks. Our “red dirt” is special for growing dark, massive antlers and Frio County is world-renowned for its abundance of NATURAL big deer.

You’re essentially allowed to shoot any buck of your choosing (no matter what the size, no matter what the score, no matter how many points it may have). If you like it, bust it.

With 5 miles of thick and lush river-bottom land, it is not uncommon for hunters to see bucks scoring in the 150’s and even the 160’s.


Exotic Specific Questions

What exotics can I hunt for and when can I hunt them?

We offer nearly a dozen species of common exotics.

For any “horned” animal (Nilgai, Aoudad, Scimitar, Black Buck Antelope, Ibex or any of the many species of Rams), these animals may be hunted year ’round.

For antlered game (Whitetail, Fallow, Axis, Red Stag, Sika) are generally hunted from September through February.

Miscellaneous Questions

Why do you only offer afternoon Meat Hunts?

Two reasons. First, we must verify that your gun is “on” prior to going to your stand. And second, we do not want a Hunter to be taken to a hunting spot without having some kind of idea of “the layout” of the land. Plus, afternoon meat hunters have almost a 100% success rate in seeing game and nearly always, the hunter leaves GTH with what they came for.

Can you provide more details about the area I will be hunting?

Great Texas Hunts is located just over an hour south of downtown San Antonio in Frio County near the famed Golden Triangle and just outside the small town of Dilley, Texas.

This area is known world wide by hunters for it’s “red dirt” and MONSTER south Texas whitetail bucks and other game. With 5 miles of “river bottom” land and thousands of acres of intensely managed land, Great Texas Hunts offers options to hunters that are unavailable at most ranches (at any price).

Can you describe where hunters will stay overnight?

GTH is able to accommodate groups of up to 16 overnight hunters. Overnight Hunters will stay in our clean, fully furnished and comfortable lodge or in one of our cabins; perfect for couples or small groups of 4 or less.

The lodge and cabins have have all the amenities of home including a modern kitchen and TV for watching your favorite football team (or outdoor TV Show)!

Surrounded by many trophy mounts and south Texas memorabilia, you’ll feel right at home at Great Texas Hunts.


What is your payment policy and how much of a deposit is required?

Hunt costs are based on cash (U.S.) payments. Other methods will require a service charge.

No hunt dates can be confirmed until Great Texas Hunts has received a deposit from Hunter.

Discount pricing for 2017 Whitetail Hunts is based on GTH receiving payments on time from our hunters. We’re able to offer these low prices with the following payment options (select one):

Payment in full upon booking the hunt and reserving the dates

Receipt of a 50% deposit with the balance due in 60 days

Receipt of a minimum 20% deposit, followed by 4 monthly payments of at least 20%.

If GTH does not receive payments as agreed, the discount will not apply. So if you want to take advantage of these deep discounts, set a reminder to send your money on time. Thanks.

All hunts must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to hunt.

All payments are payable to:

GTH Attn: Alan Warren
P.O. Box 791411
San Antonio, Texas 78279

What clothes should I bring?

During the period of November through January, clients should equip themselves for cold weather, particularly during the evenings, nights and early mornings. Warm clothes and long underwear are essential. A medium insulated or down jacket will be necessary plus warm socks, gloves and a scarf. Otherwise, guests wear regular camouflage hunting clothes, hiking boots of ankle height, soft camp shoes.

From April through September, weather in south Texas is quite warm and will sometimes top 100 degrees. While daytime hunting can be uncomfortably hot during the hot months, nighttime hunting for hogs and predators is AMAZING and the “woods comes alive” when the sun goes down.

What about tipping at GTH?

Tipping is customary in all hunting trips. Our guides and staff at Great Texas Hunts work very hard to put clients on the best game possible and ensure that they have an amazing, successful and memorable trip. In fact, the majority of our staff’s income is derived from tips.

Of course, as in any tipping situation, it is up to you to decide how much you wish to tip. However, it is generally standard to tip the staff 15% of the total hunt cost. Usually hunters will allocate other amounts for individual GTH staff members that did an exceptional job.

What equipment should I bring?

Personal equipment such as cameras, ammunition and weapons are very much the choice of the individual. A limited number of rifles are available for use.

For those on overnight hunts, all linen, towels, bedsheets, pillows are provided. The lodge and cabins have completely furnished kitchens.

So bring things you’d normally bring on “vacation”. GTH provides the rest.

Are firearms available for use at the ranch?

Yes, but through our guides only. With the cost of extra baggage by airlines, we have found that many hunters (who fly to Texas) wish to save money by using firearms that belong to our guides. They have several camp rifles for hunters to use for $50 plus a box of ammo.

Please let us know at time of booking if you wish to take advantage of using on of our guide’s camp rifles.

What about A/R’s and full-auto firearms?

We welcome all RESPONSIBLE hunters and just about any kind of firearm at GTH but we are not a shooting gallery. We are a hunting ranch and encourage all hunters to focus their attention on ONE target (animal) and NOT to” spray bullets”. You may bring an A/R rifle. However, if we believe you are “spraying bullets” at game, you will be escorted off the ranch. We do not allow full-auto’s.

What about gutting and cold storage of animals?

Gutting and skinning is available by one of our professional guides for only $50 per animal. Or, the hunter can gut and skin the animal and save the fee.

Caping for a taxidermy mount is $25 additional. All gutting/caping fees are payable directly to guide.

Cold storage and ice is available at no charge for all GTH hunts.


Can you tell me more about predators?

Excessive predators can be a problem anywhere and that’s the case at Great Texas Hunts. Last season, we took at least 50 problem predators from the ranch including numerous bobcats, grey foxes and coyotes. So folks who like seeing (and shooting) them, may be in for a treat!

All Hunters are allowed to shoot bobcats, coyotes, grey foxes, mountain lion, raccoons, possums and skunks at no charge.

Note: While we have a lot of bobcats and grey foxes, we believe that they do not deserve to be “thrown in the gut pit” by a hunter who sees them as having no value. Therefore, while there is no charge for shooting predators, we charge $650 for each bobcat and each grey fox that a hunter shoots. The $650 taxidermy fee includes all taxidermy, crating and shipping to the hunter’s address. The $650 taxidermy fee is due and payable to GTH immediately upon return to the lodge even if the hunter wants someone other than GTH to mount the bobcat or grey fox.

We do not require coyotes, mountain lions, raccoons, possums and skunks to be mounted.

If you aren’t prepared to pay for the taxidermy fee of $650, do NOT shoot bobcats and grey foxes.


Do you really have mountain lions at Great Texas Hunts?

We have never killed a mountain lion at GTH. However, this is “CAT COUNTRY” and many area hunters and landowners have seen these “killing machines” from time to time as they make their way along the thick, brushy river bottom. But “seeing one” and “shooting one” are not the same thing.

A mountain lion can have a huge range of around 100 square miles. They move silently and swiftly and can appear out of nowhere. Be warned, when a mountain lion is searching for a mate, their roars will send chills up your spine!

And the damage to a wildlife herd (that a mountain lion can cause) is devastating. With the abundance of game at GTH, 5 miles of thick river bottom terrain and light hunting pressure, you could well see one of these prized trophy predators “slinking” through the woods searching for its next meal or another big lion to mate with.

So while the likelihood of seeing a mountain lion is slim, it IS entirely possible. Really. And yes. If you see a mountain lion, please shoot it. It’s no extra charge and you’ll be our hero.

What is your drug and alcohol policy?

Do NOT bring any illegal drugs with you to the ranch. If you do, your hunt is immediately over when we find out about them. If we smell marijuana, we will assume you or others in your party have brought the illegal substance with them. And the hunt will be over.

Drinking alcohol of any kind is reserved for AFTER your hunt. Once you take a drink of alcohol, you are through hunting for the day, PERIOD.

If a ranch guest or hunter violates the drug or alcohol policy, their hunt is immediately over and they will be escorted from the ranch. No refunds or credit of any kind will be provided.

What about cancellations, refunds or inclement weather or acts of God?

We do not offer refunds and prepaid hunting fees are completely non-refundable and non-transferable. No hunts will be refunded or rescheduled due to acts of God or inclement weather. GTH will do its best to accommodate Hunters in the event of poor weather conditions, but we do not offer refunds.