Meat Hunts

$250 Meat Hunt– GTH Afternoon Hog Hunts allow the hunter to shoot up to 2 Hogs and unlimited predators (coyotes, bobcats, foxes, mountain lion) at no extra charge.

If you do not want to gut and skin your hog(s), your guide will do it for you for $50 per hog payable directly to your guide.  No discarding or just throwing in the gut pit.

No other fees apply; even for Trophy Boars.

GTH Meat Hunts are great for new hunters (kids and spouses) and for those who enjoy seeing lots of game but may get bored easily. So bring along a friend or family member and let them share in the fun.

And yes. We do have archery stands available! If you’d like to bow hunt, let us know when booking your hunt.

$350 Meat Hunt for a Whitetail Doe- We have a few more Whitetail Doe hunts available for 2016. So book your date and fill your freezer with great tasting, healthy venison. These are afternoon Whitetail Doe hunts with arrival time at ranch at approximately 2:00pm and departure after dark or when you shoot your whitetail doe.

Non-Hunter charge is $75.

In order to maximize your hunting experience with us, please review our FAQ page.

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