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  • This is the YEAR!

    Finally! After 4 years of intense work and investment, the Trophy Pasture has a BUMPER CROP of great whitetail bucks in all age classes! And this is the year that hunters will have the greatest opportunity to harvest MORE than ONE whitetail trophy buck.

    The trail camera pictures are incredible and our numbers are so high with great deer that we’ll be offering every hunter an opportunity to shoot a second buck at a VERY REDUCED price.

    If you’ve hunted with us before, we will be contacting you soon with details and a special opportunity offer. If you’ve not hunted with us, don’t delay. You will never get an opportunity like this one.

    In the coming weeks we’ll be posting some of the amazing, jaw-dropping trail cam pics. In the meantime, deer season is just over 2 months away! It’s TIME to call us and schedule YOUR Great Texas Hunt!

    Alan Warren

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  • Hello from Great Texas Hunts!

    2014 is going to be awesome at “Great Texas Hunts”.

    In 2014, Great Texas Hunts will continue to provide hunting opportunities on intensely managed lands, rich with wildlife.

    Great Texas Hunts will hunt just minutes from Junction Texas in what our previous clients knew as the “Trophy Pasture”. Plus, we have new ranches, thousands of acres of hunting land and an abundance of wildlife where hunters will experience an all-new “Great Texas Hunt”.

    From the beautiful Texas hill country to the famed “Golden Triangle” in the the south Texas brush country, the world class whitetail, exotic, hog and predator hunting continues to offer excellent hunting experiences with today’s best hunting value.

    Whether you’re wanting to hunt with us for the first time or if you’re wanting to return and hunt with us, let me know and we’ll provide first-class treatment for you at Great Texas Hunts!

    Alan Warren

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