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  • Mountain Lion Spotted at Great Texas Hunts

    A huge mountain lion is prowling GTH. Here’s the story.

    1:00pm Sam (ranch manager) was looking for a calf that went missing from its Mama. While walking along the “river bottom” area (very thick brush and cover with large trees lining the water’s edge), he spotted something dead in the mud about 50 yards away.

    1:10pm Approaching the “dead thing”, he heard the sound of buzzards coming from the nearby kill. But it wasn’t the “normal sound” of buzzards. More like a deep sort of grunt coupled with some of the “hissing” sounds that come from buzzard when they flap their wings when perched on a tree limb.

    The “dead thing” was a freshly killed hog. Assuming it was one that a hunter had shot, he dismissed the situation and was going to return to walk the river bottom in search of the missing calf.

    Before he took a single step away from the dead swine, he heard the strange sounding “buzzard noise” again. This time, it was closer. A lot closer. The deep sounding grunt and hissing was that of a full-grown (and very pissed off) mountain lion; less than 50 feet away!

    Staring Sam dead in the eye like a lazer beam, the giant cat had seen him coming towards the fresh kill and he was not happy. He stayed there on the limb, watching Sam (and scaring the Hell out of him).

    Did Sam walk up on the Lion’s fresh kill? Was Sam a threat to the Lion because he was standing near the dead hog at the water’s edge?

    Was THIS why we had a missing calf?

     1:20pm My phone rings. It’s Sam. Sounding as if he had run a marathon, he was breathing like a man fighting for his next breath. And he sounded scared. Very scared.

    With no gun on him and no gun in his vehicle, armed with nothing but his cell phone and his wits, Sam sprinted to the truck making as much noise as possible. The giant cat never left the tree limb.

    1:50pm Sam and one of our hunters returned to the scene of the crime. The cat was gone from its tree but it was still very pissed off as the odd sounds of the deep grunting and hissing continued somewhere close by.

    A wave of goose bumps overcame Sam and his hunter….and they returned to the truck and left the river bottom.

    Folks, this is a 100% true story that has not been embellished. Mountain lions are the ultimate Apex predator in our part of the world. They scare the “you-know-what” out of people and are a rare sight indeed.

    But they cause harm to wildlife and to cattle…and could literally kill a human being if the conditions were right.

    For all of our Hunters, beware of giant cats because (like Sam), you could have a close encounter when you least expect it.

    Lastly, there is NO TROPHY fee and NO Permit required to shoot a mountain lion here in Frio County.

    And if you DO shoot a Mountain Lion here, you will be our Hero!

     By the way, Sam is just fine. But he won’t go hunting a missing calf anymore without a firearm.




    For those wanting to fill their freezers, we’ve got a LOT of hogs (and we’d like to send you home with some).

  • The big bucks are starting to move a lot right now. And with colder weather on the way, we’re excited about seeing things “go crazy” with Bucks chasing the Does everywhere.


    Congratulations to Ronnie Earl on his beautiful, mature trophy! Better grab your jacket Ronnie. The weatherman says a strong “norther” will be arriving soon.

  • The cooler and wetter weather has finally arrived and the big bucks are starting to show interest in the Whitetail Does. We’re looking forward to a superb Rut and to helping make great memories for our hunters in the coming weeks.


    Congratulations to Scott Carrell and Carl Hancock on their nice south Texas whitetail bucks! Good job, guys!

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  • MFDC8559Opening day of whitetail season is October 1st and we are plenty excited. If you’ve not yet reserved your hunting dates, give us a call and we can pencil you in on the calendar. It’s going to be an amazing season at the ranch. Check out our recent trail cam pics on Facebook page.


    This week’s “TheHigh Road” features hunting at Great Texas Hunts and we are excited.

    To watch the episode NOW, click on the video above!

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    Enjoy the show!


  • Did someone ring the dinner bell?

    To see more recent trail cam pics, check out our Facebook page. You’ll find LOTS of ’em by clicking here:


    It’s not like this every evening, but here’s a trail cam picture from late yesterday. And the hogs are flippin’ everywhere! Don’t be mislead by others who claim to have great hog hunting. We’d like the opportunity to SPOIL you and send you home with LOTS of pork and some wonderful memories! Send us an email and let’s get some dates for you and your friends.