Welcome to Great Texas Hunts!

  • Hello from Great Texas Hunts!

    I’m excited to announce that the hunting operation that some knew as Stone Ledge Ranch is now “Great Texas Hunts”.

    In 2014, Great Texas Hunts will continue to provide hunting opportunities on intensely managed lands, rich with wildlife.

    Great Texas Hunts will hunt on (what Stone Ledge clients have known as) the Trophy Pasture. Plus, we have 2 more ranches, thousands of acres of hunting land and an abundance of wildlife where hunters will experience an all-new “Great Texas Hunt”.

    From the beautiful Texas hill country (where we now have 2 expansive ranches to hunt) to the famed “Golden Triangle” in the the south Texas brush country, the world class whitetail, exotic, hog and predator hunting continues to offer excellent hunting experiences with today’s best hunting value.

    Whether you’re wanting to hunt with us for the first time or if you’re wanting to return and hunt with us, let me know and we’ll provide first-class treatment for you at Great Texas Hunts!

    Alan Warren

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